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Electoral Reform Group

Who we are

ERS Group is the forward-thinking organisation for all your democracy needs, from engaging communities to electoral registration, counts and independent scrutiny. It is the umbrella for a group of companies with unrivalled experience in governance, engagement, election and voter registration services.

We work with thousands of organisations in the public and private sectors, from local authorities, political parties and trade unions, to charities, the NHS, membership organisations and professional bodies.

Our largest and most established company – Electoral Reform Services – grew out of the Electoral Reform Society in the 1980s and is now the leading independent provider of election services. Our other Group companies provide a complementary range of services including membership engagement, election management software, governance systems and election supplies.

We employ about 200 people throughout the Group and our head office is located in London.

Our successes so far

Online Votes


The UK’s leading provider of independent election and ballot services.

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The ERS Group serves a range of industry sectors.


The experts in engaging communities, members and stakeholders.

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The UK’s leading provider of election management software.

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Committee Management

Champions of good governance and paperless meeting solutions.

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Election Supplies

Specialists in election materials for polling stations.

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